Words on Wheels Early Childhood Educational Training


You are about to take the next steps in the Words on Wheels' volunteer process. You can view the videos at your own pace as long as you complete all of them. The videos include:

·      A general introduction.

·      Five Early Childhood Education training modules for you to view and learn about our program and procedures for volunteering with children as a coach.

Lastly, there is an EARLY CHILDHOOD TRAINING TEST. It is a 17 question quiz. We require you to take this test and it will verify that you completed watching and learning from these videos.  Those results will be saved for your volunteer record.  The BUTTON to the TEST SITE is at the bottom. The access code to take the test is:  BUBBLESTOBOOKS

Introduction to

Words On Wheels Training

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Finished the Modules? Now you may take the test!

Click below to the take the EARLY CHILDHOOD TRAINING TEST.

The access code to take the test is:  BUBBLESTOBOOKS