Getting Involved

It takes a village to raise a child.  More importantly, that’s what at risk children need. They need adults, college students, teachers, retirees and everyone in the community to pull together to focus on this youngest generation, and ensure their lives are as enriched with WORDS as the next. There are many ways to get involved.

Specially trained volunteers working directly with the children


People behind the scenes impacting children’s lives

Monetary contributors to the cause of early-childhood literacy, that impact children’s lives.


Our Volunteers working directly with the children

As a Coach Volunteer of Words on Wheels you will be on the front line of fighting against early childhood illiteracy. You will be interacting and engaging with the children at the facilities by reading, playing games, and other fun activities.

You will receive training and support from Words on Wheels. Find out more about becoming a Coach Volunteer.



Our Task Force, Committee and Project Volunteers

As a Task Force, Committee or Project Volunteer you are the people behind the scene, but you are still impacting children’s lives.  Instead of actually interacting with the children, you are using your skill-sets for other very important activities like fundraising, program development, community outreach, and much more. Please, find out more information about becoming a Words on Wheels Volunteer here.

Learn more about our Donors and Supporters

All of the donors and supporters have made Words on Wheels possible.