Volunteer Testimonials

Words on Wheels volunteers work directly with the children. Volunteers interact and engage with the children at the facilities by way of reading, playing games, and other fun activities. Importantly, volunteers become part of the team and the family that are directly impacting children’s lives. Volunteers "...bring the words to them."

Here are some of their testimonials:


"One of the best things about being a volunteer for Words on Wheels is making a special connection to a child. On a visit to the Staben House, I met a little girl. She was interested in hearing the books being read and enjoyed the musical instruments but she never smiled. I told her I needed to see a smile before I said goodbye and my wish came true when I asked her if I could have a hug. Oh, the rewards of bringing the words to them!"

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"Being a volunteer for Words on Wheels has been a rewarding experience. You are impacting children as young as an infant and as old as six-year old, by interacting with them. You are helping the children develop their literacy and language skills while reading, playing, and talking with them. After a couple of months, you will notice progress in the children's development. The smiles and the sounds of laughter from the children are the benefits from being part of the site visits."