The children of the Words on Wheels program need volunteers who are fully invested in their future. They need people who will take the time to become trained by the Words on Wheels program. Volunteers who love kids and see the impact their efforts will make. Most importantly, the kids need volunteers who want to have fun.

The ideal volunteer comes from all walks of life. You could be a teacher or a college student. A retired nurse or a retired banker,homemaker, factory worker (non college careers), anyone who loves infants & toddlers… “you know who you are”.
Your background does not matter. What matters is your commitment to impact the future of the children in these lower income areas. You need to be dedicated, reliable, honest, punctual, and open minded.

It’s a volunteer opportunity for anyone who cares about the future of our youth, and believes in the power of words. It may be time consuming and require specific characteristics and passion. It is definitely rewarding. You have the opportunity to impact a child’s life. By impacting their life , you have the opportunity to change the way our society behaves.

We offer a flexible 2-3 hour commitment per visit, with no required number of days per month. Our expectation is that bonds will be developed at centers with individual children that will be nurtured and assessed at subsequent visits.

Become part of the Words of Wheels family. Impact a child’s life. Bring the words to them.